Trader Joe's 1 Week Diet Plan

One of the best quotes regarding any type of success is, “Consistency is key”. Time has proven again and again that weight loss goals are rapidly met when sticking to a game plan.

I don’t stick to a specific “diet”. I borrow a little from intuitive and clean eating, low carb, keto…

After losing over 100lbs and keeping it off for the past two years…I’ve learned to truly listen to my body and be very aware of the restrictions I place on myself and when I need to let up.

Here is just one of my many weekly plans I’ve come up with. This week was: Trader Joe’s edition.

Meal 1

Protein Blended Smoothie

1 Cup Ice

1 Small Banana

1 Scoop Wilderness Athlete Strawberry Protein

½ Cup Almond Milk

1 tsp Hemp Seeds

Meal 2

Greek Yogurt Parfait

½ Cup Fage 0% Yogurt

2 TBSP Granola

1 Tsp Chia Seeds

¼ Cup Omega Nut & Berry Blend

Meal 3

Veggie Snacks

½ Cup Celery

½ Cup Carrots

½ Cup Cucumber

Meal 4

Turkey Tikki Masala

4oz Ground Turkey

1 Cup Cooked Kale

½ Cup Cauliflower Rice

¼ Cup Tikki Masala Sauce (Trader Joe’s Brand)

Meal 5

Mango Almond Chicken Salad

4oz Rosemary Grilled Chicken

1 Cup Spinach

1 Cup Fresh Field Greens

2 TBSP Dried Mango Coconut Blend

Meal 6

Bruschetta Sautéed Chicken and Veggies

4oz Chicken

½ Cup Mushrooms

1 Cup Green Beans

2 TBSP Bruschetta Topping

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